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Conference & Exhibition
Conference & Exhibition

Since 2005, top analysts, decision makers and military equipment producers from Poland, NATO countries, EU, Russia, Israel, Iran, Ukraine or India are gathering at our conference to discuss technologies, strategies and politics within defence environment.


Exhibition of advanced technologies for homeland defence and border protection is located just outside the conference room and illustrates conference topics with specific visions of current and future technology development


For over ten years, experts and decision makers are taking part in a dialogue on the wide variety of  defence-related issues from international relations to advanced technologies.


Exhibition of advanced technologies for homeland defence and border protection is located just outside the conference room and illustrates conference topics with specific visions of current and future technology development

We are pleased to inform you that the 14th edition of the International Conference and Exhibition: Advanced Technologies for Homeland Defence and Border Protection, will be held on 24 May 2018 at the InterContinental Hotel in Warsaw.

Conference Programme 

The conference, held for over a decade, is one of the most established, most important and prestigious forums for discussing the development of military technologies in the context of adjusting them to the needs and threats that the Polish Armed Forces have to deal with. The conference and exhibition is an excellent opportunity, among other things, to provide Polish and international military equipment manufacturers with feedback on the merits and drawbacks of military equipment already in use. The event is also an opportunity to view the latest technological innovations and hardware that can improve soldiers’ safety and their effectiveness in the modern-day battlefield.

The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition of products and services from the defence sector and arms industry

Thanks to the careful selection of speakers and good groundwork regarding the issues coming under discussion, and also what are often premiere presentations of products on a national scale, the conference had become one of the sector’s most important events, a valuable source of specialist information and a forum for exchanging knowledge and experiences.

Among this year's conference confirmed (as for 24.04.2018) participants are i.a.:

Michał Jach, Chairman of the Sejm National Defence Committee;

Minister Dariusz Gwizdała, Deputy Head of the National Security Bureau;

lt.gen. Jarosław Mika, General Commander of the Polish Armed Forces;

brig. gen. Wiesław Kukuła, Commanding officer of the Territorial Defence Forces;

Radm. Bjorge Aase, Deputy Head of the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency;

Kusti Salm, National Armaments Director of Estonia;

Col Dariusz Pluta, Chief of the Inspectorate of Armaments.


The Main Theses of the Conference:

Advanced technologies as a key element in the architecture of the national and international defence system

Advanced technological solutions and their effective implementation in the armed forces are among the leading factors affecting Poland’s defence system and position internationally. Countries that have advanced tools at their disposal are not only capable of defending their territory but are also more valued allies in collective defence systems. Building such capabilities – whether through purchases or national research-and-development projects involving advanced weaponry and military equipment – is thus closely tied to the international security system. As usual, the global and multidimensional context in which the military technologies of the future should be perceived is the main theme of the first session of the Advanced Technologies for Homeland Defence and Border Protection conference which, thanks to its transparent formula, careful choice of speakers from Poland and abroad, and care taken to ensure a quality, merit-based debate, has secured a permanent place on the calendars of all those whose business is related to advanced defence technologies.

A far-reaching and comprehensive approach to purchases of weaponry and military equipment – best practice at every stage of acquisition and use in the context of plans to found an Armaments Agency

The design, purchase, operation and modernization of today’s weaponry and military equipment is a process that is costly as well as lengthy. That is why the design and purchase stage is when costs and conditions of operation, replacement of capabilities and equipment modernization should already be considered, together with the corresponding training for operators and commanders.

At this year’s conference, experts from Poland and other countries will share their thoughts on the acquisition and operation of military equipment and weaponry, with special emphasis on the anticipated launch of an Armaments Agency.

Advanced technologies and best practice on the global armament market in the context of Polish industry’s participation in the modernization of the Polish Armed Forces – factors, optimization, export prospects and cooperation within NATO and the European Union

Globalization on the weaponry and military equipment market – the result of growing costs of designing advanced systems and the practice of multiple countries’ armed forces jointly using some types of military equipment – defines the circumstances of the ongoing technical modernization of the armed forces in many countries. This is an opportunity as well as a challenge for domestic and international armament companies operating in the broad environment of organizations that are potential rivals or cooperating partners.

The Advanced Technologies for Homeland Defence and Border Protection conference creates an opportunity for a transparent debate on the optimal model of industrial cooperation between Polish and international organizations, not only from the point of view of the Polish Armed Forces’ technical modernization but also the export potential of any jointly developed products. This is one of the main themes at this year’s conference, especially since finding the optimal model of industrial cooperation – based on best practice from Poland and abroad – could translate directly into lower costs and greater efficiency of further operation of military equipment.

Innovation and research-and-development cooperation involving current and future users of weaponry and military equipment – examples of technologies of the future and factors affecting their successful implementation

Ever since the first edition 14 years ago, the Advanced Technologies for Homeland Defence and Border Protection conference has been linking the armed forces and armament industry and their needs with the scientific and research-and-development community, enabling strategic and operational forecasts to be supplemented with visions of technologies of the future that have the potential to change or even dominate the battlefield within the next few decades.

A system of R&D centres working with the armed forces, having their potential put to good use by the armed forces and industry, will unquestionably be one of the most important determinants of the economic success of current and future investments in Poland’s security. Therefore it is worth looking at both the strategies and organization of military R&D projects in other countries and taking into account the results of research carried out internationally in terms of the changes that could be expected to occur in the battlefield.

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